Latest technology in fencing, Wonder Fence is more secure than previous generation fencing and more cost effective.

We live in a world where security is important for peace-of-mind, whether in your personal life or for your business, that is why the Wonder Fence system is designed to be virtually un-climbable.

Narrow apertures in the fence prevent a decent foothold or grip, and make the use of a bolt cutter impossible.


Wonder Fence offers a wide range of options regarding height, colour and finish to ensure that the fence complements the architecture and design of its physical surrounds.


From high security perimeter fencing, discrete pool fences to parkland fencing or aesthetic division of plots in a complex, our attention to detail and design intelligence make Wonder Fence an optimal solution for the owner, architect, and property developer alike.

Spikes can easily be fitted with the installation.




Wonder Fence 1.jpg